New Report: Evidence-Informed Strategies for Supporting Scientific Publishing Through the FETP Enterprise

In an effort to raise awareness of field epidemiology’s unique methodologies and provide a venue for Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) participants to publish their work, TEPHINET has partnered with the International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) to publish a journal supplement to commemorate the first World Field Epidemiology Day. This supplement is the result of research conducted by the TEPHINET Secretariat to develop a strategy for supporting academic publishing within the field epidemiology community. 

TEPHINET’s report, Evidence-Informed Strategies for Supporting Scientific Publishing through the FETP Enterprise, details the steps the TEPHINET Secretariat has taken to identify the needs of FETPs around academic publishing, the strategies for meeting these needs, and, ultimately, the decision to publish a field epidemiology-focused journal supplement. The report synthesizes key informants’ impressions, experiences, and opinions together with key findings drawn from survey analysis. Results depicted in this report complement other planning efforts to ensure that the TEPHINET Secretariat’s strategies for the upcoming years in the context of scientific production are aligned with the organization’s mission.