Membership Criteria and Process

Membership Eligibility

TEPHINET membership is open to national or multi-national, competency-based training programs in applied epidemiology and public health that meet the criteria outlined below.

Field Epidemiology Training Program Categories

The advanced, or two-year, levels of these programs consist of at least 75 percent time in the field and are modeled upon the Epidemic Intelligence Service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Frontline (basic) and intermediate levels are based on CDC models and use curricula adapted from those developed by the CDC.


  • FETP: Field Epidemiology Training Program
  • FELTP: Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program
  • FETP-V: Field Epidemiology Training Program for Veterinarians
  • Applied Epidemiology Program
  • Applied Basic Field Epidemiology Program: Frontline or Basic Epidemiology Programs of the Ministry of Health

Membership Levels

I. Basic Membership

This membership is for applied basic or Frontline field epidemiology programs (as noted in the above program categories). The program must, at minimum, be active for two years. This is a two-year membership, with renewal based upon the completion of TEPHINET's Annual Membership Survey in the second year (the survey is required every year).

II. Standard Membership

This membership is for intermediate- or advanced-level field epidemiology programs, including national and multi-national programs. The program must have graduated at least one cohort and have at least two active cohorts within the past five years. This is a five-year membership, with renewal based upon completion of TEPHINET's Annual Membership Survey in the fifth year (the survey is required every year).

III. Provisional Membership

Provisional membership is for new programs in the process of meeting requirements (e.g., waiting to graduate at least one cohort) or for established programs that already meet the requirements and are awaiting approval from the TEPHINET Advisory Board.

Membership Benefits

  • Conferences: Trainees and alumni of TEPHINET member programs are eligible to submit abstracts to TEPHINET Scientific Conferences. Authors of accepted abstracts who are trainees or graduates of TEPHINET member programs are eligible to receive travel support funds (if such funds are available).
  • Grants: TEPHINET offers various grant opportunities to its member programs and their trainees and alumni, including, for example, the TEPHINET Small Grants Program
  • Accreditation: TEPHINET member programs are eligible to apply to be accredited through the TEPHINET Accreditation Program.
  • Surveys and Consultations: TEPHINET member programs are eligible to participate in special surveys and consultations for the benefit of the global FETP community.
  • Peer-to-peer Exchanges: TEPHINET member programs are eligible to participate in peer-to-peer exchanges organized by TEPHINET.

Membership Application Process

The program pursuing membership must submit an official letter of request to TEPHINET on the letterhead of the sponsoring organization. The letter must include the following information:

  • The date the program began
  • The program's official name
  • The institution in which the program resides
  • The program level(s) offered (basic/Frontline, intermediate, advanced)
  • The type of program (i.e., FETP, FELTP, FETP-V, Applied Epidemiology Program)
  • Number of students in the current cohort
  • Number of graduated cohorts (or the graduation date for the current cohort, if this is the program's first cohort)
  • Number of graduates

In addition to the letter, all intermediate and/or advanced programs must submit documentation detailing their curriculum and core competencies.

Application materials are reviewed by the TEPHINET Advisory Board, which makes the final decision regarding program membership.

Submission of applications: All membership applications should be sent to the attention of Dr. Carl Reddy, TEPHINET Director, at creddy [at] tephinet [dot] org and copied to Amber Ellithorpe, TEPHINET Events Manager and Assistant to Dr. Reddy, at aellithorpe [at] tephinet [dot] org.